Open Faced Chicken Bacon, Avocado & Egg Breakfast Sandwich
350Calories 26gFat 620mgSodium More
Nutritional Info Per Serving
Sodium620mg Sugars3g
Total Fat26g Cholesterol190mg
Carbohydrates21g Dietary Fiber9g
Saturated Fat4g Protein14g
  • Peel the avocado and slice into 1/4 thick slices.
  • Add oil to a frying pan and cook the egg seasoning with salt and pepper. The whites should be soil but the yolk should be runny. Add the al fresco uncured chicken bacon to the pan and cook to the desired crispness.
  • Toast the pumpernickel bread and assemble the sandwich. Place the avocado on the bottom, followed by the egg, and drizle with sriracha sauce, or a hot sauce of your choice. Garnish with micro-greens, such a pea shoots.
2 al fresco Uncured Original Fully Cooked Chicken Bacon

1 slice pumpernickel bread

1 egg

1/2 avocado, sliced

1 teaspoon olive oil

1/2 teaspoon sriracha sauce

1 pinch black pepper

1 pinch kosher salt

pea shoot sprigs, for garnish
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